How Much Linen To Buy For A Hotel

How Much Linen To Buy For A Hotel

When it comes to your linen needs and understanding just how much linens you need to buy for your hotel so that your customers are not left sleeping on top of a mattress cover and drying off with a hand towel instead of a full-blown bath towel it really comes down to s very simple math formula.

It’s pretty basic.

Here it is…

Multiply everything by 3

What do I mean by this?


Here is an example.

If you have a room that has 2 queen size beds and each bed uses 2 queen sheets, each bed has 2 pillows that require pillowcases for each,  and you like to have 2 full bath towels, 2 hand towels, 2 washcloths and 1 bath mat then these will be your linen purchase requirements.

Multiply everything by 3 and that will give you just how much linen your hotel room will need. So, in this example, you would need to purchase 12 sheets. You need 4 for the 2 beds. You need 6 pillowcases. You need 6 bath towels, 6 hand towels, 6 wash cloths, and 3 bath mats.

The formula works great because you need on set to supply the room with fresh clean linen. You will need one set to be in the process of being washed, dried, folded, and ironed for the current day. And you need to have an entire supply stocked and loaded on your housekeeper’s laundry cart or stored in a closet in case the situation arrives when something in that room needs to be changed right away.

This formula is so simple and allows you to ALWAYS have linens ready at all times and it also allows for your linens to wear out evenly and not get beat down and needing of replacing after a short while.

Let’s break down a small hotel linen requirements like the ones over in the small towns of the Central Coast of California like Morro Bay and Cambria California. There are a large amount of small but extremely popular and constantly booked hotels and motels out in this area.

Let’s take a small hotel with 20 rooms and it’s what it will need to buy for its hotel linens

You have 15 rooms with each room having 2 queen beds and each bed needing 2 pillows. You have 5 rooms with 1 king size bed and each bed using 3 pillows. Each room has a bathroom that all use 2 bath towels, 2 hand towels, 2 washcloths, and 1 bathmat. Let’s say you use 2 sheets on each bed.

Here is that magic formula at work…

15 rooms with 2 queen beds equal 30 queen beds total. You need exactly 60 sheets to use on those beds to be able to be used. You will need to purchase 180 queen sheets. 

Those 30 queen beds each need 2 pillows thus needing 2 pillowcases which leads us needing 60 pillowcases needed for the beds. Multiply by 3 and you get 180 pillowcases.

Next, you got 5 king size beds each needing 2 king sheets. Simple enough right? You need 10 king sheets so you need to buy 30 king sheets. Now, each bed has 3 pillows which equal 3 cases. you need another 15 cases so multiply by 3, which is 45, and added to your total. You need 225 pillowcases.

Now for towels, it’s easy.

You have 20 rooms and you need 2 towels of each besides the bathmats which you need only 1. You need 40 bath towels, 40 hand towels, 40 washcloth, and 20 bathmats. You need triple that amount so the total will be…

120 Bath Towels

120 Hand Towels

120 Washcloths

and 60 Bathmats

Always remember the magic formula of 3. You need a set of linen in the rooms themselves. You need a set of linens that will need to go through the process of washing them. And, you will need a set that will need to be ready for use on the shelves or on laundry carts.

Use this formula, and you will always know how much linens to buy for your hotel.