Go Ahead, Buy A Used Commercial Washer

Looking For A New Commercial Washer? Save Big Money Buying Used

If you’re in the market to purchase a brand new commercial washer, you have no doubt seen the prices on some of these machines. They are no joke!

If you’ve been surfing the internet and visiting websites like SpeedQueen, Maytag Commercial Washers, Unimac, Milnor and so on. I bet as you’ve looked at the prices for some of those washers, many of the prices aren’t even listed.

Want to know why?

They are so damn high that they don’t want to turn you off to them. They don’t want you to leave their websites without doing a little more research.  They actually want to and ask for you to input all of your contact information so one of their sales reps can get in contact with you.

They’ll go through the whole process of describing why their machine is the one to get, how strong it is, how reliable it is, you know, all of the bells and whistles their machines offer.  Then they’ll let you know what the price tag on their bad boy and try and set you up with a special finance option for the machine.

I’ll let you know right now. That price tag will be in the THOUSANDS of dollars.

Depending on what you’re looking for, a 50lb commercial washer can cost over $15,000!!

And to be quite honest with you, that price is actually worth it in the long run.

These commercial washers are some real workhorses. They are designed to be worked and worked hard Oh, and those machines are designed to run EVERY DAY without issue. The can extract so much water off of loads that drying times get significantly lower. They are industrial machines and can take a beating.

And that’s the thing!

Since they are designed to take a beating and run by employees that will more than likely overload them, than why not just purchase a commercial washer that is slightly used?

You see, there are plenty of good deals on commercial washers out on the market that can cut the cost of buying one for your laundry facility by a TON.

There are plenty of places that only use their machines for only a few years. There are places like hospitals, jails, prisons, military facilities, and even other laundry facilities that are looking to unload some of these washers. Many of them get rid of them because their washing needs increase, places go out of business and things like that happen. And the good news is that many get rid of them before they even hit their prime.

I have seen some of these commercial washers that are close to 25 years old and still running like a dream. You can visit places like this website here http://www.commerciallaundryequip.com and plenty of other websites like it.

These places go to places and connect sellers with buyers of used commercial laundry. These places are not shy about showing the prices of what they have. They get a commission on all the sales of the equipment so they are interested in getting these things sold very quickly.

Let’s face it. If you have a 50lb commercial washer you paid $15,000 2 years ago and need to get rid of to upgrade to a 90lb washer, the odds of finding someone who needs one is gonna be slim. Getting rid of it for $8,000 and doing it quickly to free up the room for the upgrade will be worth it for you.

That’s how you can get a commercial washer, in terrific shape, and have it be reliable, for a fraction of the cost of a new one.