Do You Have Enough Drying Power?

If you operate and run your own laundry facility at your hotel or motel then you obviously understand the need to have adequate drying power.

Towels can take an absolute eternity to dry when you overload them into a dryer and that can quickly add up to some serious hours in added labor cost when you have your cleaners and housekeepers standing around waiting for them to dry.

So, how much drying capacity should you have?

The general rule of thumb is to have a 2 to 1 ratio. This simply means that if you have two 50lbs washers that you always run, then you should have two 100 lbs dryers to dry whatever comes out of the washers.

It seems simple enough, right?

A lot of hotel owners think they have enough but don’t. They usually have a 1 to one ratio and this never works out all that great, like a 50lbs washer with a 50lb dryer.

If you have a 50lbs washer set up and a 50 lbs washer, you are better off looking into getting yourself a 100lb washer to replace it or adding another 50lbs.

If I recommend anything at all it would be to get a second 50lb dryer. The reason to have two 50lbs dryers instead of the one 100lb dryer is just in case one of your dryers breaks down, at least you still got one going. That one big dryer goes down and you’re gonna need to get your dryer clips and dryer line going!

Another massive way to cut down on ironing is by getting a flatwork ironer at your location.

Drying sheets will be a thing of the past. You see, flatwork ironers eliminate the need to dry sheets. They take a wet sheet that you would normally dry out of a washer and can be run through it wet to both dry and iron at the same time.

Talk about efficiency!

There are also ironers that can fold the sheet for you, further eliminating the need for more labor.

That is one huge way to eat up drying needs.

However, if a flatwork ironer is out of your league than getting enough dryers is the way to go.

In the commercial laundry, there are basically two types of dryers. Regular gas dryer and steam-powered dryers. These come in sizes varying between 50lb and up to 400lbs monster dryers. Steam is a much rarer type of dryer to get and you will need a boiler at your laundry facility to make them work

You can find these types of dryers in good working conditions and in all types of different brands and sizes at used commercial laundry equipment retailers.

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